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Sylvia is a workplace health and wellness expert and strategic advisor with over 15 years experience designing and implementing innovative health and wellness solutions.

Her experience spans working with health technology start-ups, global corporations, and individuals.  Sylvia pulls from her experience to share her unique perspective on how our health and available options are evolving in our dynamic world of technology and information.

She believes that wellness is the cornerstone to achieving our life goals and seeks to share her experiences and findings. Her enthusiasm, authenticity, and humor will inspire your audience.

Sylvia’s Speaking Topics

HR Value: Driving Business Results with People Analytics

The value that Human Resources brings to an organization has risen to the height of necessity as our relationship with work has abruptly changed. Historically human resources had been deemed a cost center providing no financial value.

Given our recent workplace changes related to COVID-19 and the racial injustice crisis, we are experiencing a perfect opportunity to demonstrate the impact we have on our employees, organizations, and business results.  Now, more than ever, businesses need a sustainable group of qualified employees to compete in this world of innovation and competition.  Employee data,  when organized and used strategically and legally, give us the information we need to be strategic and implement needed change.

In this talk, Sylvia will:

  • Discuss specific strategies on how we can broaden and deepen the impact of our health strategies within our corporate populations.
  • Explore methods to impact policies, unknowns, and analytics to meet the needs and influence positive health outcomes.
  • Uncover data-driven insights to improve human resource’s ability to meet our employees’ evolving needs and create fantastic employee experiences within our uncertain environment.

How Inadequate DEI Shows Up to Inhibit Health and Wellbeing

COVID and racial stress have brought health disparities to the foreground. These disparities show up in many places including the health and wellbeing offerings and benefits provided to employees.​  Disparities that have been there and long accepted as the norm. Join Sylvia as she shares her 15+ years of knowledge in designing and implementing health and wellbeing strategies for employers. She’ll examine ways that disparities show up, the impact this has on your organization and your employees, and how you can go about creating offerings that are inclusive and effective.

In this talk Sylvia will:

  • Identify what diversity looks like within our health and wellbeing offerings.
  • Describe how having inclusive benefit offerings add value to your organization and the employees.
  • Employ actionable steps to create diverse offerings with your health and wellbeing programs.

Why Employers Won’t Return Your Call: Health Tech Within the Payer Model

We all agree that health technology solutions can help many people when employers and payers purchase them for their users.  Despite the back-end strategies, glossy apps, and researched expectations, we know that most health technology companies are unsuccessful when networking the employer and payer ecosystem. Differences in cultures and an inundation of solutions do exist however these are only part of the problem.  Payers and employers are both trying to find effective ways to get good solutions in front of their users and experience positive impacts to healthcare costs.

In this talk, Sylvia will:

  • Explore the evolving health ecosystem and identify emerging strategies to integrate with payers and employers. 
  • Clarify specific strategies to understand the sales process, aligning with payers and employers, and create a framework for a successful proposal process. 
  • Use her experience in the payer and employer markets to share strategies to move forward and expand within these ecosystems.

Health Technology: What We Need To Know and Do, NOW

What is it that we need to know about what’s going on in the background when it comes to health technology?  Our health system from consumer choices to employer-provided health benefits to our doctor’s offices are all being changed with technology.  The dynamic technology industry is highly moved by new thought and innovation that has an impact affecting how we access all of care and health recommendations.

In this talk Sylvia will:

  • Share the changes in health technology that impact us, at a personal level. 
  • Explore recent growth within the system of health technologies and the specific changes that impact us directly. 
  • Demonstrate 4 specific methods to become an insider to health technology and find how to use it so that we get the best health results.

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