Here’s What We Do

We focus on 3 intentional areas through our Open Sight Analytics model that is shown to enhance analytic capabilities.



Focus on defining a process given your questions, informational needs, and capacity to create a process that your team can maintain.

  • Assessments of your data, processes, and workflows.
  • Design and implementation of a data management system given existing or new HRIS systems.
  • Hand’s on collaboration through the entire lifecycle of data systems including data orchestration, data analysis, and building reporting and visualization tools.
  • Evaluation of your current data solutions, identify gaps, make recommendations, and implement solutions.
  • Technical assistance and project management services.


Prepare to successfully lead or be an integral part of your Human Resources analytics process. Learn the primary components needed to implement and maintain a successful analytics function.

  • Learn methods for reading and presenting analytics and insights.
  • Explore tools that help to gain insight into the data.
  • Prepare to effectively communicate information and insights.
  • Gain cognitive competence in the area of data and analytics.
  • Learn best practices for the different areas of human resources.


Implement a plan to improve collaboration between human resources and other organizational groups and leaders.

  • Improve collaboration between human resources, organizational departments, and leaders to gain perspective and identify the best solutions.
  • Build business relationships throughout organizational departments.
  • Solicit insight into problems and opportunities.
  • Define questions that allow for collaboration and heighten insight into existing human resource programs.
  • Facilitate the process of engaging with key stakeholders early, before final decisions are implemented.

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